Run Wild

Measure your HRV for Training for 3 minutes every morning with the SweetBeat HRV app for iOS and Android. The algorithm will create an adaptive trend line based on your biometrics so you know if you’re recovered and ready to workout. It will advise you to train as planned, make it a low exertion day or take a rest day. Athletes use HRV to train smarter and improve their performance. Use your HRV biometrics so you can meet your fitness goals more effectively.

Click here to read the scientific paper that was used to create the HRV for Training algorithm.

Download the SweetBeat HRV app at Go to and use promo code ZOOMSB10 for $10 off the Zoom. Outside the U.S, go to Amazon and use the same promo code for the Zoom. The SweetBeat HRV app with the Zoom is the best way to reach your fitness goals.

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