SweetWater Health™ empowers people to proactively manage their health by providing clinical-grade heart rate variability monitoring software that detects HRV patterns related to a specific medical condition or state of wellness. This insight enables and encourages people to make changes to improve health and wellbeing.  SWH also provides clinicians with a revolutionary mobile HRV diagnostic solution for use with patients and clients.

SweetWater Health is revolutionizing mobile health monitoring and stress management by combining proven medical research techniques with the latest mobile computing technological advances. The SweetBeat™ mobile application is the core-enabling component of the tool suite. SweetBeat measures heart rate variability (HRV) and facilitates continuous monitoring of stress levels and other health metrics via a patented learning algorithm. It provides immediate feedback for users to assess and modify behaviors and reduce their stress levels. SweetWater Health’s web-based community provides valuable, consumer-friendly tools, social forums and wellness partners enabling members to measure, review and share their health and emotional states. It provides access to our member’s personal, secure MySweetBeat summary page and the Sweetwater Health community from any Internet-enabled platform.

The SweetBeat app for the iPhone can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes Store online, or from the App Store App on your mobile phone, computer, or iPad (on the iPad, search for SweetBeat under iPhone apps).

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    1. Brandalan

      All of these are great tips to relieve stress. The most stress I get is when we are traveling with the kids. The way I keep them occupied is with the DISH Remote Access app through my provider/employer DISH Network. The kids can watch live TV from anywhere we are at. They have access to all our subscription channels and DVR recordings so they can watch all their favorite TV shows while we are on the road,It definitely helps the stress and it keeps them quiet for hours.

  1. Irfan

    OMG!! You poor dear!! I wish I could hug you and calm you down I’m not a doctor, but a mohter of 5, so I will give u my opinion. Yes, stress is bad for the baby and you. Preterm labor, high blood pressure, etc .You MUST bring this up with your doctor asap!! He is there to help you and your unborn baby!! Being pregnant, you WILL feel more emotions than normal. But it sounds like you can use a break from work and have bed rest for a few days. Let me ask you something. Do you NEED this job? Or do you work just to live in a bigger better place, drive fancier cars, wear more expensive clothes? In other words, keeping up with the Jones’s. Maybe it’s time to scale back on material items and focus more on yourself and your family in a less hectic lifestyle Idk, just throwing around ideas. I don’t know about where you live, but there is a government program in California called Women Infant Children (WIC), and they may be able to help you if $ is an issue. But honestly, your unborn baby can feel your stress and anxiety and there have been studies on how that affects the development and temperment of the baby Best wishes to you and your family and I truly hope things calm down for you .Hugs!!References :

    1. sweetwaterhrv Post author

      Excellent question, Imogene! We didn’t have the RSS feed activated, which was an oversight. It is now available on the top right of the screen. Thanks for helping us out here!

  2. Jon Crowson

    Is the Sweetbeat app compatible with any Bluetooth heart rate strap? Or is it only compatible with the Polar Bluetooth heart rate strap? I have the Topeak Bluetooth HR strap, will that work with the app?


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