Go Beyond Counting Steps & Calories

Are you ready to GO BEYOND counting steps and calories with your fitness band? Measure your HRV with the SweetBeat app for Android and iOS. Measuring Heart Rate (HR) is just the beginning of your journey to better health. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is the BEST holistic indicator of your health and fitness level.

Track your HRV for Training for 3 minutes each morning and monitor your fitness with an adaptive trend line based on your biometrics. Track your nutrition and daily lifestyle with the Food Test and 3 Minute Checkup to learn what improves your health and fitness.

Go to www.beathealthy.com to learn more about SweetBeat HRV and download the app. Use the promo code ZOOMSB10 at www.zoomhrv.com for $10 off the Zoom fitness device. International customers can order the Zoom on Amazon with the same promo code HERE.

And yes, the Zoom tracks your workouts – heart rate, calorie burn and steps. The Zoom also monitors your sleep and blue light exposure. When you’re ready to GO BEYOND and learn more about your biometrics, we’re ready to help you with the Sweetbeat HRV app and the Zoom.


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