Run Wild

Measure your HRV for Training for 3 minutes every morning with the SweetBeat HRV app for iOS and Android. The algorithm will create an adaptive trend line based on your biometrics so you know if you’re recovered and ready to workout. It will advise you to train as planned, make it a low exertion day or take a rest day. Athletes use HRV to train smarter and improve their performance. Use your HRV biometrics so you can meet your fitness goals more effectively.

Click here to read the scientific paper that was used to create the HRV for Training algorithm.

Download the SweetBeat HRV app at Go to and use promo code ZOOMSB10 for $10 off the Zoom. Outside the U.S, go to Amazon and use the same promo code for the Zoom. The SweetBeat HRV app with the Zoom is the best way to reach your fitness goals.

Go Beyond Counting Steps & Calories

Are you ready to GO BEYOND counting steps and calories with your fitness band? Measure your HRV with the SweetBeat app for Android and iOS. Measuring Heart Rate (HR) is just the beginning of your journey to better health. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is the BEST holistic indicator of your health and fitness level.

Track your HRV for Training for 3 minutes each morning and monitor your fitness with an adaptive trend line based on your biometrics. Track your nutrition and daily lifestyle with the Food Test and 3 Minute Checkup to learn what improves your health and fitness.

Go to to learn more about SweetBeat HRV and download the app. Use the promo code ZOOMSB10 at for $10 off the Zoom fitness device. International customers can order the Zoom on Amazon with the same promo code HERE.

And yes, the Zoom tracks your workouts – heart rate, calorie burn and steps. The Zoom also monitors your sleep and blue light exposure. When you’re ready to GO BEYOND and learn more about your biometrics, we’re ready to help you with the Sweetbeat HRV app and the Zoom.


Beat Your Personal Best

Are you training for the next triathlon or competitive event? You need deeper insight into your training and recovery. Measure Your HRV with the SweetBeat HRV app so you know if you’re recovered from the previous day’s training. Train smarter and reach higher levels of fitness by tracking your HRV every morning.

Download the SweetBeat HRV app for iOS and Android at or click on the logos below for iTunes and Google Play. Use the promo code ZOOMSB10 for $10 off the Zoom device at

P.S. The Zoom is resistant to 50 meters!

We Measure Heart

Three female engineers started SweetWater Health six years ago with a mission to empower people to manage their health and wellness. We design SweetBeat HRV (heart rate variability) software and we’re passionate about our software because it enables users to see into their nervous system. HRV is a holistic indicator of your energy level; more energy means better health and fitness. Measure your HRV and tap your energy source. 

Download SweetBeat HRV app at or click on the logo below for iTunes. Use the promo code ZOOMSB10 for $10 off the Zoom device at

Announcing Compatibility with LifeTrak’s Zoom Device

SweetWater Health is proud to announce a new partnership with LifeTrak. Their wrist-worn device, Zoom, is optimized for SweetBeat HRV and will work with DailyBeat HRV and SweetBeat on Android. Compatibility with our partner HRV applications coming soon.


How do I purchase the Zoom HRV?

You can purchase the Zoom HRV device at SweetWater customers can use promo code ZOOMSB10 for $10 off the Zoom.
What makes this wrist-worn monitor accurate enough for HRV?

The Zoom device has been extensively tested to work with the SweetWater HRV family of apps.

What do I need to know?
The Zoom is a completely new user experience. Please read over this information before purchasing the device.

You must sit perfectly still while using the Zoom with our HRV applications. No talking, nodding, or any movement for the entire three minute session.

What’s new in SweetBeat HRV?IMG_1248 (002)

Checkup mode is a 3 minute countdown ideally suited for use with the Zoom device. Checkup can be run with any compatible BTLE heart rate monitor chest strap too. The three minute session allows the Zoom user to accurately assess stress and power levels.

Checkup mode is recommended for use during the day after the HRV for Training session has been run in the morning. Checkup can be run as frequently as needed to assess HRV and stress during daily activities. It can also used as a quick snapshot of HRV recovery during the day.

More to Come!
Our R&D team is working with LifeTrak to pull workout data, battery info and blue light exposure in SweetBeat! Stay tuned for updates to your SweetBeat app. Email us with questions or concerns:


TrainingPeaks Compatibility Now On Android & iOS!

TrainingPeaks Compatibility

TrainingPeaks compatibility on iOS was such a hit that we have now included this functionality in our Android version of SweetBeat!

Step 1: Sign-in to your SweetWater Health account and scroll down to find the TrainingPeaks button. Select this and enter your TrainingPeaks account information. Your accounts are now synced!

Step 2: To upload your first HRV scores to TrainingPeaks, simply run a “HRV for Training” session with SweetBeat on either Android or iOS.

Note: You must turn on location services in order for the time to be correct on the session. If you cannot see your HRV in TrainingPeaks when you sign-in, you may need to select “metrics” to be shown in your calendar view.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Congratulations to Our First Heart Rate Monitor Giveaway Winner – Tommy!

Congratulations to Tommy, our first heart rate monitor giveaway winner! We have sent Tommy a free Vernier hand-held heart rate monitor. It’s not too late to sign-up for our next month’s heart rate monitor giveaway. We will be giving away a free monitor every month until the end of the year!

Tommy’s Story:

“I am a software engineer with a pretty sedentary job. I work from home and sit behind my laptop most of the day. Over the years, I have been getting more and more out of shape, so I finally decided to get fit. I dabble in film making and visual effects in my free time so I tend to follow a lot of people from that industry on Twitter. One person I follow started a podcast called Fitness in Post. In one of his episodes, he interviewed a lady named Ronda Collier from your company. She was very interesting to listen to and that lead me to purchasing a heart rate monitor and your SweetBeat HRV and DailyBeat HRV app. Three weeks ago, I started on my journey to get fit and eat healthy. I use your app every morning to check my heart rate when I first get out of bed. I also use another one of your apps, SweetBeat HRV right after my morning workout to check my recovery rate. I get up at least once every hour and walk for five to ten minutes and I average about 14,000 steps a day. So far I’ve lost about 8 pounds, sleep better and generally feel better. I still have about 65 pounds left to loose.”

We are so proud of Tommy for taking his health into his own hands. Our users inspire us everyday to continue making products that help people understand their health. We look forward to meeting more of you during these next month’s giveaways!

Enter now through your DailyBeat application! Email us at if you have any questions or concerns.