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Look for Patterns in your Life

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When you use SweetBeat™, you can upload your sessions to our secure database, then view your sessions from a calendar like this:

If you click on a given session, you will be able to see charts like this one:

This chart allows you to look at your session data in a variety of ways, but we’ve got more charts on the way that will allow you to compare sessions by day, time of day, week to week and more. If knowledge is power, we’re doing our best to turbocharge your health!

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The Pattern of your Heartbeat: Part 3

Heart rate variability (HRV) is a measure of the patterns embedded in your heartbeat. It includes time, frequency, fractal and chaotic measurements. It turns out that the more fractal-like and chaotic your heart rhythm is, the more resilient you are! Ask yourself; Are you able to quickly calm down after a stressful situation?

The Pattern of your Heartbeat: Part 2

What exactly is chaos? Chaos theory is about finding an underlying order in what looks like random events. It turns out that weather is chaotic. Weather cannot be predicted exactly. This is because too many random events occur in the atmosphere that impact weather. However, when you use a computer to plot these random events, a predictable pattern occurs. Can you think of something in your life that at first glance seems random, and yet does have an underlying pattern?

It turns out that the rhythm of your heartbeat has many types of mathematical patterns. It has time and frequency patterns as well as chaotic and fractal patterns. Would you like to see and hear your heart patterns?

Have you ever heard of fractals?

Fractals, which are geometric patterns that are repeated at ever-smaller scales, are abundant in nature. A head of broccoli is a great example of a fractal. If you tear a piece of the broccoli off, it still looks like the whole. And if you tear another piece off, it, too, looks like the whole. A fern leaf has the same fractal nature. Can you think of other examples of fractals in nature?

The Pattern of your Heartbeat

Not surprisingly, many quantum properties are present in all living and natural systems. The system possesses properties that the parts do not, and properties of the parts can only be understood in the context of the system. The heart is a great example!

If you take a heart in isolation, you see an organ that pumps blood. When you take the heart in context with the rest of the body, you find that the heart communicates with the brain and nervous system, and is affected by your breathing and whether you are standing up or lying down. Many systems in your body are reflected in the pattern of your heartbeat. Can you feel your heart speed up when you inhale and slow down when you exhale?

More about patterns in your life…

In the human body, our cells seem to “just know” what to do, although they don’t have a brain. This “just knowing” is called cognition and may be a result of entanglement. Thus, when one part of the cell does something, the other parts know and act accordingly.  Can you think of something you do that automatically affects someone else?

Reframe your Thinking

We can change the patterns in our lives by changing our beliefs, feelings and thought processes. Some people call this “reframing.” Can you find something bothersome that you can reframe into something good?