Reframe your Thinking

We can change the patterns in our lives by changing our beliefs, feelings and thought processes. Some people call this “reframing.” Can you find something bothersome that you can reframe into something good?

5 thoughts on “Reframe your Thinking

  1. Drh

    I find lots of things bothersome….including myself. The fundemental problem is, like a 51 year-old house, you can’t “reframe” it without first tearing it down. Any suggestions or insights would be welcome.

    1. Auth

      Meditating is most likely the best exercise to get a more happy life. I know it saved me and kept me happy no matter what happened.

  2. RLC

    One way to reframe is to get to the fundamental beliefs that have you seeing things the way you do. Our beliefs create the particular shade of rose that we see the world through. If you can identify beliefs that do not serve you and are not necessarily true, you can change your shade of rose (another point of view) and thus the situation is reframed.

    An example is “my mother is always interfering with my life”. This could be based on a belief that was formed during childhood when your mother would not let you do whatever you want. This could be reframed to “my mother is trying to protect me” if the belief is changed from a mother that just wants to interfere to a belief of a mother that loves you and wants you safe and protected.

    1. Beatrice

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  3. Lynn

    Hey awesome posts! Another one that I know of is the belief that someone is not loveable. They see every situation as verifying that they are not loveable, even if it is loving!!!! If they can change the belief that they ARE loveable then they will see loving actions for what they are. LOVING!!!


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