Author of “Less Doing, More Living” interviews Ronda Collier


Ari Meisel interviews Ronda Collier on HRV. See below for a summary and a list of topics. At the bottom you will find a link to the original podcast.


In Episode #104 Ari talks with Ronda Collier, CEO of SweetWater Health™, a company striving to revolutionize mobile health monitoring and stress management by combining verified medical research with the most recent mobile-tech innovations. During their conversation, Ari and Rondatouch on the frequently overlooked value of Heart Rate Variability and the future of health technology. 

7 Key Points:

  1.        The heart does not beat at a consistent interval like a metronome
  2.        Stress isn’t “bad”; How we react to it – our inability to come down – is what makes it bad
  3.        People who are in constant “fight or flight” mode normalize stress in their brains, which makes it difficult for them to institute change because these individuals don’t “feel” stressed
  4.        Monitoring HRV is a great way to maximize recovery from physical training and keep track of stress
  5.        When HRV levels are low do “busy work”; When they are high do “creative work”
  6.        Sensitivity to certain foods can significantly impact stress and HRV levels
  7.        Good nutrition, consistent exercise and self-awareness are the pillars of healthy living

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  •          02:05 – Happy Thanksgiving from Ari and the Less Doing Team!
  •          02:55 – Felix and Ari address tryptophan
    • Editor’s Note: Ari mentions that tryptophan occurs naturally in the body – he meant to say the opposite, we can only get it from outside sources vl
  •          03:25 – Tryptophan is not what makes us tired…overeating makes us tired
  •          07:56 – June 9th-12th of 2015, Ari will speak at the Fortune Leadership Summit
  •          19:27 – Ronda discusses her background and the journey to founding SweetWater Health
  •          20:40 – HRV: Heart-Rate Variability
  •          22:28 – It’s not that stress is a bad thing of and in itself…it’s how quickly we can recover from that stress.
  •          23:00 – Why should we care about HRV? Why even track it?
  •          25:55 – SweetBeat and how the SweetWater apps work
  •          27:00 – The SweetWater and the Vital Connect HealthPatch
  •          29:57 – HRV has been used by athletes for decades to help them mitigate the risks of overtraining
  •          29:05 – How can HRV monitoring work for a non-athlete?
  •          30:50 – SweetBeat can alert people to everyday behaviors that induce commonly overlooked stress
  •          32:10 – Meditation has always been a challenge for Ari
  •          33:15 – How Ronda personally uses her HRV monitoring tools
  •          33:39 – The bucket of willpower
  •          34:30 – When HRV is low; do busy work. When HRV is high; do creative work
  •          34:45 – When you are “in-flow”, HRV starts to go up naturally
  •          35:32 – Food sensitivity and how it relates to stress
  •          39:10 – Most people are not aware of modest heart rate spikes
  •          40:23 – The future of SweetBeat
  •          41:35 – The value of correlation
  •          43:27 – Ronda’s Top 3 Tips for Being More Effective:
  •          43:43 – Improving nutrition; eating fresh
  •          44:00 – Being self-aware of what’s going on inside your body
  •          44:30 – Exercise, even minimally, every single day
  •          45:10 –

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2 thoughts on “Author of “Less Doing, More Living” interviews Ronda Collier

  1. Keenan Van Zile

    Stress is a benefit for the body it has great deal benefit, the problem with how people help people alleviate the stress is the problem in how to help people with stress. Individual reaction is crucial, what people have recognized and taught to is suppress the reaction and that one reaction they may never ever end up facing which in return causes more stress on the body.

    This knowledge is not new it is the thinking that most people extremely educated or not possess that is truly faulty and life threatening. When we suppress our own reaction this is what causes the most harm to the body as we do not actually release this “energy” – everything comes down to energy, sure you can measure it by what your heart rate does and then use breath work as a another way to assist. But this never actually heals* the person, and or teaches the person how to actually understand and or deal with stressful situations.

    Another view is why we attract these type of stressful situations, we resist it, internally it is what we think of most in a most relaxed state. So people that have and or deal with loads of stress which is great deal of americans is how they process this through thought.

    I have simplified what generations have had trouble understanding, also have talked about one side of dealing with “why you react” and also you are missing the biggest component the human’s energy system, meridian system is what causes our body to react- the memories, patterns and thoughts come from there, you want to train the mind and body understand how this works in congruent and everything else follows suit. it is that simple.

    1. sweetwaterhrv Post author

      Hi Keenan, Thanks for reaching out to us! I’m glad to hear that you are educated on the good and bad stress. We try to educate our users on the different types of stress and we by no means want people to repress their emotions. We want them to be aware of what is stressing them out and find ways to cope, avoid or relearn their reactive behaviors. We try to educate people on how to create more good stress. It is not normal to be in parasympathetic mode all of the time or vise versa. But what we are also finding that people are constantly stressed and not even aware that they are. Our main goal is to educate people on their autonomic nervous system. If you have any educational materials on different types of stress, please feel free to share it with me and I will put it on the wire! Cheers – Rado


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