Brand New Instructional Videos for SweetBeatLife

Our wonderful engineer has taken the time to create instructional videos that will make your transition into the SweetBeatLife update* seamless. Several of our users have been asking for the ability to download old sessions from SweetBeat into SweetBeatLife. We are happy to announce that this feature will be available with the newest update, along with data tables and the ability to turn data on and off in the correlation feature. More videos to come – subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay tuned!

Starting Out With the Stress Monitor

Understanding the Correlation Metrics and Functions

Correlation – Available Data and Tables                                                                                           

Downloading Sessions from the Server

Note: The sessions must be uploaded to your account in order to download them into SweetBeatLife.

*The newest update of SweetBeatLife has been submitted and is awaiting approval.

Let us know what you think!