HRV: The Single, Next Big Trend In Biohacking And Self-Quantification And How To Use It by Ben Greenfield

Another fantastic podcast by Ben Greenfield and Ronda Collier! Please read below and scroll to the bottom for the original link!


“I’m really not a big self-quantification nerd.

I don’t like to be plugged into stuff all day long. It just makes me feel like a giant robot (and being constantly plugged into things like bluetooth devices just gives me the tin-foil hat wearing heebie-jeebies).

But I do religiously take one simple measurement every single morning: heart rate variability.

And the method that I use to measure heart rate variability is, in my opinion, the singe, next big trend in biohacking and self-quantification. It’s called SweetBeatLife, and all you need to use it is the SweetBeatLife phone app.

In today’s audio interview, I speak with Ronda Collier, who has more than 25 years of experience in high technology product development with a proven track record of delivering leading edge consumer electronic products. The previous two heart rate variability podcasts with Ronda (that I’d recommend you listen to before you listen to today’s podcast if you don’t know much about heart rate variability) are below:

Everything You Need To Know About Heart Rate Variability Testing

The Do-It-Yourself Guide To Using Heart Rate Variability Testing to Track Your Stress and Nervous System Health

By analyzing HRV and Stress along with additional data, SweetBeatLife provides a deep dive into health and provides insight into what activities you engage in that effect the health metrics you care about. This is important because the next big trend in bio-hacking is understanding the relationships between different metrics like your weight, your blood pressure, your blood glucose, the number of steps you take and your actual internal health and nervous system. SweetBeatLife integrates and correlates data from popular fitness platforms like MapMyFitness, Fitbit and Withings and integrates seamlessly with the extensive biometrics from the new HealthPatch sensor (which we talk about in the podcast).”

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5 thoughts on “HRV: The Single, Next Big Trend In Biohacking And Self-Quantification And How To Use It by Ben Greenfield

  1. Andrew

    Very cool, thank you!

    I was wondering if there was a way to see numbers of average LF and HF power over time like the HRV score. With the online account there is only limited data available for viewing. Then on the app you can see the graph and guess at a number range but there is no clear way to track specific data or trends over time with LF/HF.

    For me I am most interested in long term trends and making adjustments to my training based on that type of information. Anything like the spreadsheet charts of Ben’s data from the previous triathlon article with the HRV, LF, and HF trend lines would be an amazing feature to add. Or its already there and I don’t know how to see it 🙂

    Thanks again,

    1. sweetwaterhrv Post author

      Hi Andrew! Thanks for using our HRV application. Are you using SweetBeatLife? If so, then you can go to History > Choose a session > Scroll to the last screen all the way to the right. This is where you will see a Session Summary table. It will be partially blank unless you have the HealthPatch. If you do not have the HealthPatch it will still show you LF, HF, LF/HF, rMSSD, HRV, HR, RR. You should see three buttons that give you Minimum, Average and Maximum. I hope this helps. If not, please let me know and I will walk you through it a different way. Cheers! Rado

    1. sweetwaterhrv Post author

      Hi Chuck, That’s a great question. The HealthPatch does have the ability to store data, but this function has not been implemented in SweetBeatLife, yet. It is on our feature list for the near future. Thanks for your patience. Cheers – Rado


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