Heart, Hugs and Electromagnetism

Magnet Ripples


Did you know that your heart generates a magnetic field that is measurable more than 5 feet away from you in all directions? This magnetic field is more than 5000 times the greater than the strength of the field generated by the brain.

Did you know that we humans are sensitive to even minute changes in the Earth’s electromagnetic field? Research by Dr. Valerie Hunt from UCLA demonstrates that when the electromagnetic field is decrease slightly, subjects could not balance their bodies and sensory feedback was substantially impaired. When the electromagnetic field was increased, the subject’s thinking became clear and coordination became heightened.

Many people know that the heart beats due to some sort of electrical impulse in the heart tissue. However the link between the electric and magnetic fields is often not considered. Nor is the fact that electromagnetic fields carry information (similar to cell phones or radio signals which carry voice or data information).

Electromagnetic fields interact and entangle with each other, similar to ripples in a pond that are created from a pebble on one hand and a falling leaf on the other. So our heart-generated magnetic field is interacting with anyone in our vicinity. The closer we are, the stronger the field.

Imagine the power in heart felt hugs where electromagnetic fields entangle. By simply intending it, we can encode love information onto our field. We heal ourselves, others and the planet by sending love and compassion through our heart during a hug.







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