TrainingPeaks Compatibility Now On Android & iOS!

TrainingPeaks Compatibility

TrainingPeaks compatibility on iOS was such a hit that we have now included this functionality in our Android version of SweetBeat!

Step 1: Sign-in to your SweetWater Health account and scroll down to find the TrainingPeaks button. Select this and enter your TrainingPeaks account information. Your accounts are now synced!

Step 2: To upload your first HRV scores to TrainingPeaks, simply run a “HRV for Training” session with SweetBeat on either Android or iOS.

Note: You must turn on location services in order for the time to be correct on the session. If you cannot see your HRV in TrainingPeaks when you sign-in, you may need to select “metrics” to be shown in your calendar view.

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