Ep 24 – SweetBeat and Soap Boxes By Jon & Debbie from FitFatFast.com

CEO Ronda Collier is constantly participating in podcasts to enlighten our users and listeners on how the autonomic nervous system works. She was recently interviewed by Jon and Debbie from FitFatFast.com. This is an excerpt from the article. To listen to the podcast, click here.


“Ronda Collier from Sweetwater Health, come on down, you’re the next guest on The Fit Fat Fast Podcast! In today’s show Jon and Debbie (but really Debbie’s “friend”) talk with Ronda about Heart Rate Variability and why it is an invaluable biomarker to track.  Indeed, if finding health and balance in your life is your ultimate goal you need to know about HRV!  We side-step all the uber-geek talk and get down to the nitty-gritty of what this stuff means to the regular person.  It’s a great conversation and it really is a topic very important to metabolic health.  We also talk about the functionality of the SweetBeat App which is the key that unlocks all of this information.

Jon also goes off on a tangent and climbs on his soap box while discussing an article written by a world renown Heart Surgeon on what really causes heart disease.  The Fit, Fat, Fast podcast is never short of opinions and Jon certainly makes this one known!

We also take on a listener question about why you still need supplemental calories from carbs during exercise even if you’re fat adapted.”

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