Ironman Lake Placid Training Week 25 Update-Still Tapering – Blog by Bri Tri

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Below is an example of how SweetBeat can be used to monitor training for the Ironman at Lake Placid.

Time to Geek out!

“The Training Totals(since January 1 2013)..

Activity Distance Duration
Swimming 169,586 yds(96.4 mi) 66:37 hrs
Cycling 2,274.4 miles 140:59 hrs
Running 561.1 miles 88:39 hrs

Heart Rate Variability

My Heart Rate Variability (HRV)rebounded back into the high 60’s and 70’s this week with the reduction in training. I can’s say I really felt that spectacular yet, so hopefully that will come up even more this upcoming week.


Looking at HRV for the entire training season, you can see the up-and-downs that go with the changes in volume and intensity of training. Overall, it appears to trend upward as the 2nd half of the season progresses. The very high value during the first week or two was from an old algorithm that was used in the Sweetbeat iOS app.


Training Load Analysis(TRIMP/CTL/ATL)

The graph below shows that my fatigue(ATL) has dropped significantly below my fitness level(CTL) giving me a positive Training Stress Balance(TSB) of 24(132 CTL-108 ATL = 24 TSB).

Training Load 2013-07-21


Finally the breakdown of weekly training volumes broken up by activity…

Weekly Training Volume 2013

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