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How To Protect Your Body From The 10 Hidden Killers In  Your Home.

how to detox your home

Welcome to Chapter 18 of Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life, in which you’re going to discover how to protect your body from  the 10 hidden killers in your home.

Home is where your heart is.

And if you’re anything like me, your home is also one place – aside from  gyms, roads and parks – where you probably spend a significant amount of time  sweating and sculpting your body. But wouldn’t it be a real pity if you were  turning your body into a chemical wasteland in the process?

The fact is, you can’t do much about the diesel exhaust getting piped out the  backside of the trucks that drive besides the roads you run or bicycle on, the  chemical-laden disinfectants that gets sprayed on the treadmills and exercise  equipment at the gym, or the pesticides and herbicides that litter the grass at  a public park.

However, in the same way that you have complete control of what kind of foods and chemicals  you put into your body, you do have control over how healthy – or unhealthy  – your home is. You also have  control over how well equipped your body is  to handle potentially toxic environments, such as gyms, roads and  parks.

So today’s chapter marks our journey into Part 5 of the book – the  “Lifestyle section”. In addition to discovering how to detox your home, over the  next several chapters, you’ll also learn:

-How to “equip” your home so that you can  stay naturally physically active throughout day – rather than sedentary with  unnatural exercise micro-doses…

-Time saving tips for to combining a daily  commute and training, managing training with kids and family obligations, and  getting more done in less time…

-Other lifestyle hacks that can free up lots  of time, including food prep methods, combining workouts, and other cutting-edge  productivity strategies such as utilizing virtual assistants, e-mail filtration  systems, and everything else that I personally do to free up as much time as  possible during the day…

As usual, leave your questions, comments and feedback below this  chapter – and also let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see addressed  that I may have left out!


household chemicalsWhy  You Need To Protect Your Body

You’ve learned how to clean your gut, clean your liver, and do a detox to  eliminate internal toxins from your body, but how much consideration have  you given to the toxins, pollutants, chemicals, heavy metals and hidden killers  that aren’t inside your body, but are outside your body?

In other words…

When you’re cranking out push-ups in your living room, have you ever  thought about what kind of carpet you’re shoving your nose into?

When you’re doing the cold thermogenesis showers you learned about in Chapter 4, have you ever considered what  compounds your skin might be soaking up from the water?

And as you’re sitting here right now reading this chapter, do you know  how many spectrums of electromagnetic frequencies are bombarding and radiating  your body from smartphones, e-readers, and computers?

The fact is, the average home contains 500-1,000 chemicals, ten times more  electrical pollution than 40 years ago and an untold number of mold, mites,  fungi, spores, pollen and other “bioaerosols”. Most of this stuff you are  completely unable to see, smell or taste, but just because you can’t sense it  doesn’t mean it won’t leave you struggling with brain fog, an afternoon  headache, a crappy night’s sleep, or a horrible workout.

So let’s learn what you can do about it.

Find out what some of the major ones are and see how Ben suggests dealing with them! Click here for the full article.

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