Food Choices, Willpower & Sugar Cravings, with Michael Fishman – Podcast by the Bulletproof Executive

This is the 58th podcast by the Bulletproof Executive with guest speaker Michael Fishman. Scroll to the bottom for a link to the article, which includes the podcast.

#58 Food Choices, Willpower & Sugar Cravings, with Michael Fishman – Podcast“Take control of your food choices, understand your willpower, and combat sugar cravings by listening to this episode with expert health marketing advisor, Michael Fishman. You will hear how Michael radically changed his diet to be a healthier, more in control and happier version of himself, and how you can do that too.

Michael Fishman is a leading advisor on marketing, positioning and strategy for health, wellness and personal development businesses and personalities such as Rodale’s Prevention and Men’s Health publishing brands, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Dean Ornish and many others.chs

Michael is also a highly sought after speaker on how marketing language, customer care and work culture combine to take companies from merely good to the beloved best at what they do. He created the  annual Consumer Health Summit, which is the preeminent invitational forum for CEOs, entrepreneurs and marketing leaders in health and wellness. He is also a co-founder of BehaviorCon, a conference on marketing behaviorconand consumer psychology.

What You Will Hear

  • 2:05 Michael’s radical diet change
  • 3:00 Choices vs. Restrictions
  • 5:30 How food choices convert to personal confidence
  • 6:00 Take control of your diet, and, in turn, your life
  • 6:50 “I can’t” vs. “I don’t” – specific language in food psychology
  • 9:00 How Michael destroyed his sugar cravings
  • 9:45 Willpower and how to always have it
  • 12:00 The relationship between long-term goals and empowered willpower
  • 12:55 How to shop Bulletproof at Whole Foods
  • 14:10 Michael’s take on the “4-hour body cheat day”
  • 15:30 Dave’s experience with the “cheat day”
  • 16:20 How Dave resets his food cravings
  • 18:30 Feeling Bulletproof vs. eating “cheat foods”
  • 19:00 The reality of sugar
  • 20:20 Psychology recommendations to begin a better diet
  • 21:30 Dave’s food recon in homes
  • 22:35 The cost of quality food, wellbeing, attitude, and income
  • 24:30 What happens after you eat processed foods?
  • 25:00 A vision without Oreos
  • 26:45 Dave, Men’s Health, and conflicts of interest
  • 27:45 How to stay informed & overcome “Big Food” marketing
  • 28:30 What to avoid in the grocery
  • 30:10 Ranch dressing in Whole Foods
  • 31:15 Is the use of “organic” on consumer labels fair?
  • 32:30 What is the gap between knowing good food practices & applying these practices?
  • 34:30 Personal control and food psychology
  • 36:00 How assumptions may hurt your psychology
  • 38:30 The associations created by food marketers & how to make more informed food decisions
  • 40:30 Top 3 recommendations to be more Bulletproof”

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