How to interpret your SweetBeat HRV session by Ronda Collier

Please enjoy the following interpretations of SweetBeat’s heart rate variability (HRV) for training, along with explanations of average power levels and HRV age.

Important points to remember:

  • HRV can vary greatly from person to person depending on health and fitness
  • HRV can vary greatly for an individual from day to day and even hour to hour
  • While there are “average HRV values” determined through clinical research, HRV is dynamic and individuals will tend to have their own range
  • Scroll down to see charts of “average HRV values” from some research papers
  • Some athletes have HRV values that are magnitudes higher than average persons
  • SweetBeat is about understanding and managing the nervous system and not intended to diagnose anything. If you feel your HRV is “low” see your doctor
  • Athletes use HRV to guide training
  • As seen on the next 2 charts, HRV power levels vary quite a bit
  • The elite athlete has LF and HF power that are orders of magnitude higher than average
  • Don’t be alarmed if your HRV values are closer to average



Values based on 24 hour measurements
HRV represents rMSSD scaled to a value between 0 – 100 and is SweetBeat specific
Source for Average LF/HF:
Values based on 5 minute measurements

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