Introducing DailyBeat HRV, SweetBeat HRV on Android & Vernier.

We are very excited to introduce you to the newest apps in our suite of heart rate variability applications: DailyBeat HRV and SweetBeat HRV on Android. DailyBeat HRV provides you with an accurate assessment and feedback based on your overall health and resilience. The original SweetBeat HRV on Android goes back to our roots and provides HRV for Training recommendations and stress management sessions. Our clinical grade algorithms measure Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and provide you with intuitive and easy to understand health statuses. In addition, the Vernier hand held heart rate monitor has been invaluable as an alternative to the chest strap. The Vernier heart rate monitor is perfect for your morning readings or a 5-minute spot check.

What’s New in DailyBeat HRV?

Willpower: Your Willpower chart is based on YOU compared to YOU (not the general population of your age and gender). The purple line shows your Willpower for the day and the yellow line is your personalized reference line. If your Willpower is above the reference line, you likely have the power to meet all of your goals. If it is below the reference line for 1 day, your Willpower is drained. If it stays below the line for 2 or more days, your Willpower is critically low. The associated recommendations will guide you on how best to stay on track, depending on your Willpower reserve.

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Power Balance: Your Power Balance chart shows you where you are relative to your age and gender. Consider a stereo that is 50 watts verses one that is 250 watts. The 250 watt stereo will play music louder without distortion than the 50 watt version. Also while listening you want the balance of the speakers equal so that you hear both channels equally. The Power Balance chart is an indication of how many “Watts” you have for the day and the balance of “Fight or Flight” and “Rest and Digest”.

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Resilience:  Your Resilience is an indication of your ability to Respond and Recover from daily stressors. We often React rather than Respond and then we stay in that reactive state for hour, days or even weeks. By knowing your Resilience you are able to plan ahead to avoid undesired reactions.

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Summary Charts: The DailyBeat Summary Charts provide insight into your overall health and balance. Let’s face it we all have low energy or grumpy days. The Charts let you see how often you have positive, powerful balanced days and how often you are on the low side. This vital information will help you adjust your wellness regime that creates measureable results.

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See our website for complete details and screenshots of our newest iOS application, DailyBeat HRV.

SweetBeat HRV is officially in the Google Play store! 

SweetBeat HRV on Android includes our clinical grade heart rate variability algorithm matched with our personalized HRV for Training recommendations and stress management sessions.

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  • Run a Stress Session for your stress score – We recommend at least a five minute session but you can record up to several hours
  • Stress is measured between 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest)
  • HRV for Training – 3-minute sessions with personalized feedback. We recommend doing these sessions at the same time each day. Whether it is first thing in the morning or last thing before you go to bed, keep it consistant
  • Our newest compatible heart rate monitor, the Vernier hand grips are the best way to conveniently measure your morning HRV
  • Graphs include ability to pinch and zoom
  • See your Raw RRs in graph form or select “session” to see your session data graphed
  • You will also have the ability to graph locally saved sessions and sessions only available on the server straight from the application

Read more about SweetBeat HRV on Android in the Google Play Store. Click on the red birdie below to see screenshots.

SweetBeat Android on Google Play


SweetBeat HRV on iOS


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