July 2016 Updates – Including a Heart Rate Monitor Giveaway!

SweetWater Health July 2016 Newsletter and Update

  • Purchase or Update DailyBeat HRV and enter to win a new Heart Rate Monitor!
  • Download our free Food Effect app and discover hidden food sensitivities!
  • SweetBeatHRV has several new features! Check it out!
  • Check out our sponsored HRV enhancement products!

DailyBeat HRM Giveaway


DailyBeatHRV is our latest iOS HRV app designed for your busy lifestyle! The results show you where you are for your age and gender and the Willpower feature helps you create better habits for a healthier you.

Thanks to our newest compatible heart rate monitor, Vernier, taking daily measurements is easier than ever. With the hand held monitor you can do short sessions lying in bed, sitting at your desk or watching TV.

Purchase or update DailyBeatHRV for a chance to win a new Heart Rate Monitor! Each month until December we will give away a Heart Rate Monitor for DailyBeat HRV users. Simply launch the app and select “Enter” from the popup.  Winners will be announced the first day of each month from August to December 2016.

New Free Food Effect App

(Download iOS Now)

(Download Android Now)

Inflammation is an innate response to injury, stress, or illness, poor gut function or eating toxic foods (high-toxin, high-sugar, high-processed, high-gluten, etc.) and induces an inflammatory response. When this response becomes the norm for your body, it becomes a low-level feature in your physiology and problems arise.  It turns out that inflammation is the common link between cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity in developed nations and thus should be reduced by whatever means available.  FoodEffect provides a tool for detecting food sensitivities that may contribute to low level inflammation. If you are sensitive to certain foods, you may not experience symptoms, though your body reacts by elevating your heart rate after eating an offending food. The food sensitivity feature will detect this elevation in heart rate which can occur anytime up to 1 ½ hours after eating an offending food.

SweetBeat HRV Updates

We are very excited to announce these new features, some of which have been suggested by our users!

  • Save custom session tags for future use.
    • See your custom tags in the charts bar graph section.
  • Users now have the ability to choose between 3 or 5 minute HRV for Training sessions.
    • Open the application, go to the Monitor tab, select the settings wheel in the top right corner, and select 3 or 5 minute sessions.
  • New scatter gram charts, which show instantaneous HRV and LF/HF balance.
  • Increased graphing speeds
  • Emailing yourself a session now includes several types of session files:
    • A simple .txt format
    • A Kubios ready text file for the Kubios analysis program
    • An RR-Interval CSV file
  • Version checking will ensure you are using the newest version available.
  • Sessions in history are in chronological order.
  • New options under the General tab.
    • Rate the app
    • Contact Support
    • See our HRV Enhancers

HRV Enhancers

centrepointe researchResearch has shown that meditation alters the brain wave patterns significantly and aides in the repair and recovery of the nervous system. Holosync is an audio technology created by Bill Harris that enables profoundly deep meditation usually only experienced by advanced meditators (e.g. Zen Buddhist Monks).  Holosync meditation audio technology increases Heart Rate Variability via the nervous system repair mechanism. Click here to learn more!


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Save 5% on the Delta Sleeper! See details here.

The Delta 1 Sleeper has been endorsed by super humans like Ben Greenfield and our resident quantified selfer, Jo Beth Dow. As the nervous system repairs during a sound night of sleep, your HRV will reflect this recovery. Similarly a poor night of sleep will result in a less than optimal morning HRV and the resulting reduction in performance. Read more about how it helped Jo Beth on our blog.

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