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SweetBeat HRV, the newest iOS application by SweetWater Health, provides real-time monitoring using state-of-the-art sensor technology and data correlation algorithms. Patent-pending correlation algorithms provide insight from other health and fitness devices. SweetBeat HRV also integrates and correlates data with popular fitness platforms like MapMyFitness, Fitbit and Withings. The next big thing in body-hacking is to understand the information presented in the data users track every day. SweetBeat HRV correlates metrics like HRV, stress, heart rate, weight, steps, calories, and so much more. SweetBeat HRV utilizes the popular food sensitivity testing and HRV for training features in the original SweetBeat app.


Monitor/Relax: Options for Sessions The Monitor screen allows users to choose which feature they would like to use (Stress Monitoring, HRV for Training, Heart Rate Recovery). After starting a session, the user’s metrics will fill this screen: heart rate, HRV, stress level, current mood.

EKG (RRs):EKG The EKG-like heart beat trace is the first window on the Monitor screen. By flipping this window around, the user can see several other real-time features.

NEW Stats:Geek Screen The stats screen, more widely referred to as the “geek” screen, shows all the metrics used in the algorithm calculations and then some!

NEW Graph: The graph screen shows a real-time building graph of your heart rate from RR Intervals. Turning the phone 90 degrees counter-clockwise will bring up the graph in landscape. Unselecting RR in the top right corner will allow the user to see all of the other metrics in real-time.Other Metrics

NEW Correlation: CorrelationThe correlation screen uses a patent pending algorithm to correlate all of the Fitbit data the user has shared with SweetBeat HRV. This data will come from the app itself and any other apps the user has authorized (Fitbit, Withings, and/or MapMyFitness). Settings allow the user to view demos or analyze the correlations between their own data. The user chooses which metric they want to correlate to the others (HRV, stress, or weight). They can choose to see all of their data or put in specific date ranges. By doing this, the user can see their current, max, and min metric compared to their other data. Touching the bubbles flips them for more data.

HRV for Training: HRV for TrainingIn competitive sports, improved performance is achieved by alternating periods of intensive training with periods of relative rest. SweetBeat HRV uses patent pending algorithms to create a personalized reference line for the user based on 3-minute daily HRV readings. Using the reference line, the app recommends the user “train as usual”, have a “low exertion day”, or take a “rest day”.

Food Sensitivity Test:Food Sensitivity To use the food sensitivity test, a user must first take a morning reading of the pulse to establish a baseline for the day. Before eating a meal, the user records the foods comprising the next meal and performs a pulse test. After the user is finished eating, the app will prompt users to record their heart rates every 30 minutes until 90 minutes have passed. Once testing is complete, the meal will either pass or fail for food sensitivity. The Food Sensitivity test methodology developed by immunologist Dr. Arthur F. Coca can be found on the web.

History:History Sessions Accessing saved sessions is easier than ever. The history is split into three sections: charts, sessions, and food. Now users can separate their food sensitivity tests from the rest of their sessions. By selecting a saved session, the user can view their metrics in a graph, upload to MySweetbeat, Facebook or Twitter, and new capabilities now allow users to send their RR intervals in a CSV file to any email address.

General:General This section is designed to allow the user to personalize their SweetBeat HRV experience. Choose a heart rate monitor, change application or account settings, or read through the support documents.

My Account: Your Online Toolkit for Better Health

When you register with SweetWater Health, you will be able to access your personal, private My Account page. Here, you will find the data from your uploaded SweetBeat sessions. You can view session summaries in your calendar, or you can view them as charts. This provides you with an opportunity to compare sessions and track how you’re doing over time.

My Account Features

  • Sign in securely to see a calendar of your sessions, color-coded by average stress level, and session summaries. For more detail, you can see charts of your sessions.
  • Look for patterns in your life: when are you most stressed? What were you doing at that time? Learn how to avoid the stressors.
  • Connect with a variety of stress-reduction, weight-loss and health management tools on your My Account page