Getting Started

What is HRV?

When we think of our heart rate, we generally think of a number between 60 and 90 beats per minute. This number represents the average heart rate. In fact, your heart rate changes from beat to beat. When you inhale your heart rate speeds up and when you exhale it slows down. So rather than referring to a fixed pulse of, say, 60, the heart rate will actually vary between, say, 55 and 65. HRV is a measure of this naturally occurring change in the heart rate. Nearly a quarter-century of clinical research has shown that high HRV levels is associated with health and low HRV is associated with illness. (see Figure 1)

Figure 1. The higher the HRV, the greater your resilience and the lower your stress.

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What equipment do I need?

1. iOS Device

To use a low energy blue tooth monitor, you must use a device that supports Low Energy Bluetooth.The following devices support Bluetooth Low Energy:

iPhone 4S or newer
iPad 3 or newer
All iPad Airs
All iPad Minis
iPod Touch
iPod Touch 5th generation or newer

2. Download SweetBeat HRV.

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3. Select your Heart Monitor

Zephyr Heart Rate Monitor

For other options see: Approved Heart Rate Monitors