SweetBeat HRV for Android

SweetBeat HRV logoAndroid SweetBeat HRV SweetBeat Android, the newest application by SweetWater Health, provides real-time HRV and stress monitoring using our patent pending algorithms. The HRV for Training feature provides a custom graph for athletes to track their recovery. A 3 minute HRV session each morning will let you know whether you should train as usual, take a low exertion or rest day.


monitor_android Monitor Screen:  The Monitor screen displays your HRV on a scale of 0-100 as well as you stress level from green (relaxed) to red (not relaxed). It also displays your average heart rate and other raw HRV values such as rMSSD, LF and HF.

chart1_androidchart2_android Charts and Graphs: The graphs will automatically open at the end of a session. Choose between instantaneous heart rate (raw RRs) or HRV for Training graph with reference line or if you did a stress session you may view the stress, HRV and Heart rate (HR) graph. Pinch and zoom to get a better look at your data!

relax_android Relax Screen: The Relax screen provides a breath pacer with an exhale – inhale ratio of 2:1 which has been shown to balance the nervous system.

history1_androidhistory2_android History: Accessing saved sessions is easier than ever. The history is split into two sections: local and server sessions. By selecting a saved session, the user can view their session graphs.