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Supported Tracking Devices

for iOS SweetBeat HRV only

These devices DO NOT work to monitor heart beat for SweetBeat HRV. You can find the devices to serve that function at Supported Heart Monitors.

Select data from these tracking devices (as listed below) are used in SweetBeat HRV for determining the correlation with HRV. Additional information on the Correlation feature can be found at Correlation Help.

Withings Logo Withings Blood Pressure Monitor Pulse

SweetBeat HRV uses the following Withings data for correlation:

  • Blood Pressure Systolic
  • Blood Pressure Diastolic
  • Weight

Fitbit Logo 60 Beat BLUE

SweetBeat HRV uses the following Fitbit data for correlation:

  • Steps
  • Calories in
  • Calories Out
  • Weight

SweetBeat HRV uses the following MapMyFitness data for correlation:

  • METS
  • Calories Out
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If other apps connect to these supported tracking devices, then they are also supported. For example, you can track your calories in Lose It and if you link Lose It To Fitbit, then your calories will show up in SweetBeat HRV.