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Whether you are a bio-hacker or just concerned about your health, FoodEffect Watch assists you in your quest for peak performance and a healthier life.

FoodEffect Watch’s is the world’s easiest way to test for food unknown sensitivities!

While most people know if they have an overt food allergy, they don't know if they are having low level reactions to foods, and that these reactions can contribute to chronic inflammation. Inflammation is an innate response to injury, stress, illness, poor gut function or eating foods, natural or processed, that your body reacts to. When this response becomes the norm for your, it becomes a chronic feature in your physiology and problems arise.

It turns out that inflammation is the common link between cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity in developed nations and thus should be reduced by whatever means available.

FoodEffect Watch provides a tool for detecting food sensitivities that may contribute to low level inflammation. If you are sensitive to certain foods, you may not experience symptoms, though your body reacts by elevating your heart rate after eating an offending food. The food sensitivity algorithm will detect this elevation in heart rate which can occur anytime up to 90 minutes after eating an offending food.

Food Effect Watch uses data collected from the Apple Watch by the Apple Health app to alert you to a possible food sensitivity. Simply follow the simple steps in the app and relax after your meal. After 90 minutes you will get a result!

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