Spirituality and HRV    

by Cassie Steele

Photo by Swapnll Dwivedi on Unsplash

Soothing Spiritual Activities to Improve Your HRV Scores

Scientists have proven that relaxation techniques are highly effective in reducing psychological and physical symptoms. One study looked at the heart rate variability (HRV) of seniors and its relation to spiritual activation and stress release. Published in the International Heart Journal, this study found that seniors used spiritual activation as a coping mechanism for stress and it ultimately helped them relax more. Therefore, seniors that participated in spiritual health activities had higher HRV levels than those that didn’t. This indicates that people who partake in spirituality can react to stress better, have higher willpower, better health and resilience, and can produce more calm and positive emotions.

If you’re looking to better your health, try one of these spiritual activities that will elevate your HRV score and improve your resilience to stress.

Yoga and Meditation

Many people associate spirituality with religion. However, it is so much more than a practice of religion or one’s inner thoughts. Spirituality can also be expressed through yogic practices and the ability to simply shut off the world. People who partake in yoga and meditation are able to focus more on the things that matter to them and ultimately shut themselves off from stressors. Take a couple minutes out of your day to focus on your breathing, sit in silence, or strike up some yogic poses.

Head to a Spiritual Vortex

Traveling can do wonders for one’s spiritual health and physical wellbeing. This is why the Bible suggests going to the Red Sea for its therapeutic powers and why many spiritual leaders go on pilgrimages. If you’re looking to boost your spirituality, you should take a trip to one of the many places in the world that are known for its vortexes and energies. For example, Sedona, Arizona is known to have vortexes that make visitors calm and enlightened and Machu Picchu in Peru has a spiritual energy field that is simply magical. Cassadaga, Florida is also an area full of divine crossings and therefore is one of the best places to get a psychic reading, connect with a lost one, or simply find guidance in life.

Take a Hike in Nature

The spirit of nature is a strong being that can ultimately improve your mood and destress your life. Scientists have found that simply being out in nature does wonders for your mind and can get your away from your stressful daily life. If you’re looking for something to connect with, try building a spiritual relationship with the great outdoors. You can take a hike and find a place where you feel at ease. Then, sit here and simply enjoy the sounds of nature. Listen to the noises around you and focus in on the moment. This will help improve your spiritual health and soothe your body, mind, and soul.

Spirituality doesn’t have to be a completely religious activity. If you’re looking for a way to de-stress and improve your HRV, you can pick up yoga, head to a spiritual vortex, or become one with nature.