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According to Harvard medical center and other prestigious medical centers, stress is responsible for more than 90% of ALL diseases. Not only is stress responsible for illness, it contributes to anxiety, depression, irritability, weight gain and poor sleep.


How do I manage my stress?

  • Using SweetBeatHRV or DailyBeatHRV, pair your preferred Heart Rate Monitor and become familiar with the app.
  • Record 5-10-minute sessions a couple times a week while relaxing or record your stress during any chosen activity such as driving, working, meditating or even discretely during an interview or meeting!.
  • Tag each session appropriately so that it can be examined later. Understand how your environment and your thoughts effect your stress level. If you are using DailyBeatHRV go to the History tab and select charts to see a scatter chart of your sessions. NOTE sessions run in SweetBeatHRV can be downloaded to DailyBeatHRV and vice versa, assuming you are saving them on our server.
Ronda Collier

Ronda Collier, “Everything we can do to reduce stress in our lives will lead to greater health, happiness and resilience. Stress is the weak link for both physiological and psychological dis-ease. Our Fight or Flight response evolved to protect us and give us the strength to "run away from tigers" though in our hectic world, constant traffic, missing keys, kids schedules with a full time job keep us in a permanent state of Fight or Flight. Its imperative that we know our stress levels and do whatever activity works for us to mitigate it.”